E Safety Week

This week we have been thinking about the focus for Safer Internet Day 2016 – ‘Play your part for a better internet’. Knowle Park Primary wrote positive comments about others to encourage a friendlier internet. We also thought about what to do if we saw an unkind comment. Take a look at our video! Happy Safer internet day!


I am nine years old I am called Frank. I live with my mum and dad. My dad is so annoying telling me not to go to the abandoned cottage across the street. I am not a bad boy but can sometimes be naughty. One morning I woke up and I went downstairs and accidentally smashed my mums iPad!

In a panic, I darted a cross the street and looked to the right and stared at it. When I was half way there I ran out of breath and started meandering to the cottage. I sat on the side of the street and felt guilty.


Lily often been told not to wonder out of the garden. She was not a naughty girl but she didn’t always listen. One morning she woke up and put her favourite dress on. She went into the garden to do her daily jobs which were to pull the dead weeds out. Unfortunatly, she pulled her mums favourite flower so she jumped over the gate and ran.


Edward was often told not to go to the moon. He was not a good boy but sometimes he listened. One sunny morning, he was playing in the sun when he fell on his mum’s ‘Kill-A-Weed’ spray and he launched a massive amount of the spray on his mum’s flowers! Edward screamed and tripped on the stairs to his dad’s rocket whilst running for his life. Suddenly, he fell onto the lever and the door closed and he was launched into space. He went bonkers as the ship was closing into an asteroid field. Fortunatley, he passed the asteroids in time one by one. Suddenly, an asteroid unexpectedly hit the rocket and the rocket was going to crash into the moon. Edward panicked as he was getting closer to the moon. He screeched! Unfortunately, the rocket’s engine failed and he crashed inside the moon. Edward coughed in pain as he fell out of the emergency door. He was trapped! He tried to call for help but it was no use. Suddenly, he heard the sound of stomping, an alien was going to eat him! He scrambled onto the top of the rocket and jumped onto the top of the moon. He tried to call signal again and again. Luckily on the 345th time of calling signal,he was saved by NASA. He went home and got told off so he was locked in his bedroom for half an hour.